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Power Equipment Servicing in Hickory, NC

If you want to keep your equipment working its best longer, you need to make sure to have it properly serviced. At Hickory Home & Garden Ctr., we provide professional power equipment sales and servicing on brands/models that we keep in stock. Depend on us to sharpen blades, perform warranty work, and give the pinnacle of service when handling your tools and equipment.

Receiving maintenance services is as simple as bringing your equipment to us. Our technicians thoroughly examine your device and diagnose the problems it may have. They are even able to tell you the cost of repairs up front, as well as how long they will take.

Finally, get ready for the growing season by coming in for a seasonal tune-up. Even if your mower has no problems, a tune-up will help ensure that you have a fully functional machine all season long. Visit us today for professional services.